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Life is busy, we get it! Between work, school, kids, and all of your other obligations, often times we put ourselves last. 8 hours of sleep a night, yeah right! Healthy eating, if only it was easy. Well now, healthy eating is as easy as a click of a button! Forget about meal planning, grocery shopping and food prepping. We do all of the work for you with our Paleo Prepared Meals! Not only are these meals delicious, they are nutritious, too! Designed around a Paleolithic lifestyle, the meals focus on clean proteins and a variety of vegetables to make sure you are getting all of your vitamins and nutrients! Simply reheat and enjoy! 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
— Hippocrates

What is Paleo?

A paleo diet is built off of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. It focuses on nutrition that is easily accessed by the body in order for the body to perform at its optimum state. Processed foods, sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives are prohibited because these ingredients are foreign to the body and add no nutritional value. Focusing on clean, nutrient dense foods has been shown to:

  • Reduce inflammation by eliminating lectins from the diet, which lead to leaky gut and auto-immune responses.

  • Improve nutrient absorption by eliminating phytic acid, which our body cannot digest.

  • Maintain a healthy weight - many people see weight loss after eliminating starchy, processed foods from their diet

  • Increase energy levels - due to providing your body the best fuel possible!

Give Paleo a try today, you will be amazed with how you feel!


How it works:

Each week we handcraft a new delicious and exciting menu for you so that you never get bored! The menu is posted on Tuesday and orders are due by Friday at 5pm for the following week. We offer packages for a full week of dinners, lunches and dinners or all three meals, as shown below. For the Huntsville location, pick-ups are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday you will pick up Monday and Tuesday meals, on Wednesday you pick up Wednesday and Thursday meals and finally Friday's meals on Friday.

We open at 7am each day and meals are ready when we open! Three pick ups through the week ensures that your food is always fresh! 


If your browser is blocking the menu from view - please click the button below for a PDF version. Thank you!



One-A-Day Meal Plan

Meals Prepared Fresh Daily

or $55/wk

Regular Portion / Lite Portion

Pricing Based on Portion Size

5 Dinners/Week, Mon-Fri

Menu Changes Weekly

Two-A-Day Meal Plan

Meals Prepared Fresh Daily

or $100/wk

Regular Portion / Lite Portion

Pricing Based on Portion Size

10 Meals/Week, Mon-Fri

Choice of daily meals
Lunch and Dinner

Three-A-Day Meal Plan

Meals Prepared Fresh Daily

or $128/wk

Regular Portion / Lite Portion

Pricing Based on Portion Size

15 Meals/Week, Mon-Fri

Daily meals.
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

(If you are interested in choosing individual meals, you certainly can. Please give us a call at 256-213-7545 or email us at to place your order for a la carte selections. If you have any food allergens please contact us to discuss. Paleo foods are naturally gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free and artificial ingredient free.)